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Nima’s Review of Uni Villa

Nima’s Review of Uni Villa

Overall, this is the best decision I have ever made as it relates to moving. From the first time I visited this student apartment complex, I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.They have an excellent maintenance apparatus (with 24 hour phone number). The staff shows that they care about their residents, the likes of which I have not seen at any other apartment complex in Tucson to date. The management is receptive to resident feedback, and the property offers a variety of amenities, including those for handicapped and disabled residents, as well as central air conditioning and good outdoor lighting. Also, the security is well managed at the property with a good amount of cameras and watchful residents, along with gated entrances and exits.

Neighbors of nearby units are well-behaved, and the property is relatively quiet. They provide a roommate matching service which is also helpful. Also, the property is located within walking distance of several nearby establishments, such as grocery stores and restaurants. One of the benefits is the guest house, as well as the accompanying computer lab and exercise room. Finally, there is a courtesy shuttle service that runs to and from the University of Arizona and Pima Community College West campus. And what would any of this mean if it weren’t for the fact that they have very reasonable rates?

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